Decorating First Apartments – without Breaking the Bank

You’re on your own in your very first – very empty – apartment. When you’re new to juggling bills, it’s confusing enough trying to figure out how to fill your refrigerator, but now you have an apartment to fill with furniture and home décor. The Orange team has been there, and we want to share a few ways you can match functional design with modern style while staying within your budget.

Build on the Basics 

Think about the basics of furniture and décor and what you really need – the bed you will sleep on, the plates you will eat off of, bathroom necessities. Start with these items in basic colors and functional designs and add the things you want in brighter colors and artisan brands as you are able to.color cord cages

Use Your Resources and Get Creative 

If a family member or neighbor is moving and looking to give away furniture, take them up on the offer. It may not be the sofa you want forever, but it might just do for now. Let items such as lighting serve as both a functional design piece and a colorful accent. One piece can serve two purposes which decreases your decorating cost.

Add a Few Fun Details 

Finally, give yourself room to splurge on a piece or two that is unique to your style, when you can. If entertaining is your thing – pick up a few whimsical entertaining pieces before you host girl’s night. Do you have four-legged roommates? Fun pet accessories will make them feel right at home too. If you enjoy bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside with you, try planters which will last longer than fresh-cut flowers.

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Best wishes for your home sweet home!

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